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The Bergerie

The Bergerie is located on one of the rare plateaux at the entrance of the Cévennes national park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
In the early 1990s, Pierre Paulin restored the ruins of this traditional building, confronting its austere beauty with the organic forms of his designs, as though highlighting his own dualities.
From this Bergerie, Pierre and Maïa Paulin conceived a whole estate where the splendour of the landscapes turns every window into a tableau vivant.
In 2016, Maïa Paulin decided to open the doors of this Bergerie, thus making it possible to approach the intimacy of the designer and his work through his objects, his personal collection and some of his rarest models.

We think that the design has to be lived, that is why in a project around the work of Pierre Paulin, it is possible to visit the Bergerie, and immerse yourself in this unconventional living and exhibition space alone or in a small group, only on reservation. It is possible to organize events or stay there against participation in costs.

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